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Robust Economic Incentives

In addition to its operational advantages, 3000 Skyline also offers unmatched immediate and long-term economic advantages:

State of Texas Incentives

The 2013 Texas Data Center Incentives Bill will offer attractive sales tax abatements for data center costs including:

  • All related mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment and systems
  • Data servers, network equipment, and their replacements
  • Electrical power charges

Texas is committed to attracting major data centers and will offer tax incentives to compete on the same level as other aggressive states such as North and South Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Washington.

Harvey Hilderbran, Texas State Representative, District 53, and Chairman of the Texas House Ways & Means Committee

City of Mesquite

You will also benefit from aggressive financial incentives adopted by the City of Mesquite, including:

  • 50% abatement on the City’s share of real property taxes
  • 50% abatement on the City’s share of business personal property taxes
  • 50% abatement on the City’s share of sales taxes

It may also be possible to receive additional financial incentives, such as direct grants from the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) and additional negotiated incentives from the City of Mesquite.

Mesquite is embracing 3000 Skyline as another step forward in the long-term plan to make Mesquite one of North Texas’ premier communities.

-Tom Palmer, City of Mesquite Economic Development Manager

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