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3000 Skyline Dallas - Electrical
3000 Skyline Dallas - Electrical

You’ve Got the Power

The onsite, dual-fed transmission substation at 3000 Skyline features two 47MVA transformers providing 2N reliability, with a commitment from energy provider Oncor for two additional transformers with the same capacity, as well as a disaster recovery plan that provides for roll-up transformers, as needed.

  • Proven more reliable than the eastern and western interconnects, the ERCOT-managed grid feeds the on-site substation from opposite directions with 138kV transmission lines.
  • Highly Reliable, Onsite Transmission Lines in a Dual-Fed Configuration which allow for entire load to be delivered from either end in the event of a one-sided fault. No-Unplanned Outages in Over 20 Years.
  • Transmission and Distribution Power Services are provided by Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC.
  • Oncor Confirms up to 525MW of Stranded Power Available on 3000 Skyline Site-Specific Transmission Ring.
  • Additional distribution capacity on all Transmission Towers offer Ready-to-Deploy, Scalable Capacity when and if needed.
  • 3000 Skyline‚Äôs 91-Acre Site has Three Oncor-Approved Transmission Substation Parcels each with 141MW of Capacity for Total Site Capacity of 423MW.
  • 695,000 square feet in Existing Data Center Shell is Designed and City-Approved to be served by A and B Electrical Feeds (or Single Feeds) to all Four Quadrants.
  • Transmission Power delivered at 138 kVA to Existing Onsite Distribution Substation (stepped down to 12.47 kVA) with Total Existing Onsite Substation Capacity of 94 MW.
  • Electrical distribution service is delivered to each tenant via hardened underground conduit (A & B feeds) from the on-site substation, thereby eliminating any exposure to distribution line outages.
  • Power delivered to Building at 12.47 kV, allowing for up to 225 watts per square foot of critical load.
  • 100% backstand power capacity available.
  • No shared electrical infrastructure among data center users.
  • No distribution service fees.
  • De-Regulated Energy Market in Texas means All 40 State-Licensed Energy Suppliers Compete for your business Delivering Transmission Rates as Low as $0.03 per kWh.
  • Electricity sales taxes will be substantially abated by the 2013 Texas Data Center Incentive bill.

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