Electrical Power

You've Got the Power

The onsite, dual-fed transmission substation at 3000 Skyline features two 47MVA transformers providing 2N reliability, with a commitment from energy provider Oncor for two additional transformers with the same capacity, as well as a disaster recovery plan that provides for roll-up transformers, as needed.

  1. Proven more reliable than the eastern and western interconnects, the ERCOT-managed
    grid feeds the on-site substation from opposite directions with 138kV transmission lines
  2. Electrical distribution service is delivered to each tenant via hardened underground
    conduit (A & B feeds) from the on-site substation, thereby eliminating any exposure to
    distribution line outages
  3. Power delivered to Building at 12.5 kV, allowing for up to 225 watts per square
    foot of critical load
  4. 100% backstand power capacity available
  5. No shared electrical infrastructure among data center users
  6. No distribution service fees
  7. Electrical rates from $0.048 per kWh and lower
  8. Electricity sales taxes will be substantially abated by the 2013 Texas Data Center
    Incentive bill

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