LEED Certification

Leaders in Energy & Environmental Design

3000 Skyline earned LEED Certification for its core and shell at project
completion in early 2012.  This foundation allows all future data center users
to pursue the LEED certification of their preference. Exemplary performance
was achieved in the following categories: Maximized Open Space, Storm
Water Quantity Management, Roof, Building Envelope, and Water Efficiency.

  1. An Energy Star-approved and highly reflective roofing cap sheet reflects solar energy
    and lowers cooling costs
  2. The combined water consumption of sinks, toilets, and showers is 40% more efficient
    than conventional fixtures
  3. The energy-efficient Building envelope reduces the cooling demand on all existing and
    future mechanical systems
  4. The site provides double the open space required by local zoning code.
  5. Site infrastructure engineered for storm water collection and reuse

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